Afghanistan – 2015-2021
Graal was selected by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to supply and deliver NATO standard night vision equipment.
Iraq 2015
Graal assisted the Government of Iraq in the procurement, export processing, delivery and associated training of EOD equipment
Somalia 2017
Graal was awarded a project to deliver export-controlled items for United Nations and European Union funded projects in Somalia.
Libya 2017
Graal supplied, transported and delivered a range of handheld and vehicle communication equipment to a Western agency in Libya
Iraq 2016
Graal supplied medical grab bags to an Oil & Gas provider.
Ukraine 2015
Graal supported an international NGO with BPE in Ukraine.
West Africa 2022
Graal is chosen as an evacuation partner to a group of Mining Organisations across West Africa.
Iraq in 2020
Graal repatriated UK citizens from Iraq in 2020 and arranged a return flight to Iraq for Iraq citizens.
Russia 2022
Graal evacuated employees of a multinational consultancy from Russia.
Central Asia 2022
Graal was chosen as an evacuation partner to a leading technology company in Central Asia.
Central Asia 2019
Graal supported an international project of safety and jamming technology for vehicles in Central Asia.